Letra de Fatal Illusion

Artista: Megadeth

Lost inside the system Locked away
Without a key
No one will ever miss a menace to society
A gross lack of potencial bad decisions made in spite
A touchy hairpin trigger and such a wasted life

Trying to break the mold of a broken famiy
Fight against your failure and living on his kness
Guilty of a crime of nonconformity
A hanging judge and jury handen down the penalty
A lethal injection now they watch te body jerk
Exterminate the problem except in dind`t work

No vital sign a life, they declared he wasn`t there
Ner never checked because he didn`t fucking care
Passing off the body, they all believed he died
Starting up the hearse now for a final drive
Like whistling passed a graveyard when walking by at night
it`s a fatal illusion to think that evil never dies

In a darkened mortuary reeking of formaldehyge
Aroused from deadly slumber something opended up his eyes

Spilling all their blood was a promise that he`d keep
Hage so strong revived him from a deep necrotic sleep

Clawing away the casket lid until his fingers Bleed
He grabbed a knife and set out on a vivisectius spree

A butcher hell bent massacring each one with his blade
From the first run to the last, the inspection to the grade

//Its` a Fatal Illusion//
//Evil never dies//

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