Letra de Miles Away

Artista: Marc Cohn

My friends will ask me how i'm doin'
but i just can't lie to 'em
not feeling fine today
i saw my dreams they were a
ship on the ocean now it
looks like they're miles away
Miles away
hey, hey -- they're miles away
I know there's always something
we have to go through
that has some deeper meaning but
right now i just can't say
i know there's gonna be a lesson somewhere
i'm gonna think a lot about it later
but right now i'm miles away
miles away
hey hey i'm miles away
hey hey hey i'm miles away
I'm a million miles away
where i don't have to think at all
don't have to listen to you whisper
your little secrets in the hall
yeah i'd really love to talk about it
but i think i hear my mama calling me...
miles away

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