Letra de Let Me Leave

Artista: Marc Broussard

"how many times have i come to you?
how many times have you taken me in?
how have you never quite realized
that this will be nothing more than what it's been?
Why is that i return to the scene of a crime
though there's nothing i need?
between the moments that linger before us
haven't you wondered why i always leave?
let me, be who i am...
let me, leave while i can...
you know love don't find this sort of man,
so just let me leave while i can...
How many times have i come to you
bleeding and broken and under attack?
how can you look in my eyes and my heart
and not see that there's something i lack?
Why is it that i'm as bad as i am
but i know that you'll never believe?
why do you still love me
when all i have done is to lie and deceive?
Can't give you what you need,
and i'm so tired that i can't breathe...
and i don't know if you can see,
but my ship is going down...
and i tried my best to be a man,
so i'll set you free while i still can,
cause i can't seem to change who i am...
Yeah just,
let me leave while i can...
let me leave, let me leave..."

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