Letra de Kids

Artista: Kreayshawn

It was a wednesday
I got the kool-aid
I hear the
something from my baby
I wade out to the ocean
Put on my sunset lotion
I see the sun glow
The water flow in slow motion
I got a beach chair
I see the blonde hair
Pick up my feet there
I feel the cool air
The breeze is nice now
I'll tell you right now
I sip my kool-aid
Boy I'm feeling better now
Do I need a vacation?

Just need to get away for a while
Wait, did I forget my sunglasses?
Got 'em
I paint my nails pink
There in the sand dome
I hear the oh-so calling on the radio
I see a young boy
He on the upswing
He gets a nose bleed
And I hear the girls sing
I hop on the water slide
Gotta get my swims on
I pull my straps up
I'll see your better slides
Oh no no no no no no no no
Look at the seashells
I see the young boys swimming

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