Letra de Prevail

Artista: Kreator

Death of emotions.
Birth of decay.
Fight revolution.
Grips the heart of men.

Rising rebellion.
Loosing control.
Pure mental terror.
Reformation needed to be.

Raised to future awareness.
Manipulation has failed.
Anarchy will prevail now.

Reinforced hate.
Glowing pulsate.
Society failed.
New generation awakes.

Mental slavery through erasure.
Cause for your condition.
Mind murdering parasites.
Forced into suicide.
Material safety plastic savious.
Basis of possession.
Rulers participate.
Anarchist dominate.
Infected by a virus.
Promise of a better.
Pay conception of a master plan.
Protectors of blind faith.
Raise to new awareness.
Individual way of life.
A dated shit philosophy.
Youth runs amok.

Moloch masters democrats.
Diplomats desperation.
Criminal energy part.
Of the strategy.
Focus distraction pain infection.
Manipulation failed.
Misleading disharmony.
Now only victory.
Life becomes.
Perfection when thes park.
Has almost died.
Decades of endless darkness.
Now embraced by shining light.
Autonomous power.
Finally this war is won.
Golden days of anarchy.
The new age has begun.

Fear of the future.
Hope for the past.
Hymns of enslavement.
Forever laid to rest.

Elders tomorrow.
Youth of today.
Choice for a changing.
Better world needed to be.

Raised to future awareness.
Manipulation has failed.
Rulers leaders.
Anarchy will prevails now.

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