Letra de El idioma del rock (en ingles)

Artista: kraken

I feel I live rock !..., rock! ...
If unity is strength, dropwise a storm
Cry cry to our national anthem is fed white or black.
It is the language of rock!, It's the language of rock!
A language without borders, sentiment, doctrine and force,
Today ... Today this place will do, feel shudder.
¡Joined by the rock!

I feel the rock!, I feel the rock!
Hey, I live rock! I live rock!
With the strength of a volcano, ¡Fuerte!, ¡Fuerte!, ¡Fuerte!.
I love rock!, I love rock!
I am rock!, I am a rock!
Without Borders released, always, always, always
With the shouts of a volcano,
Yell, scream without fear.

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