Letra de Ella vive sola (en ingles)

Artista: El Kila

She lives alone
sleeps alone
keeps your body
(a reason)
able to even kill man
cry, cry, cry

evening it
screaming and crying
in a hospital ward
a mother olle
giving suspense and Bondada
struggling with flowers
unable to avoid
a mother dies
only her daughter could save

now held by his father
is formed the despadre
fault that your hubby
sexsual is desbarre
at age 7 using it as a woman
poñendole the mouth where
not had to put
taking away the clothes
touching his little leg
and she crying alone
unaccounted defend
Miss acuendose
living in a ifierno disbelief
eschuchame god
do not let the same thing happen to them that she

sometimes know who is
but lives hiding
so alone and not lacking for qn is
Nobody knows nadaaa
no accompanying
when crying asopada
and sometimes up feeling die
if anyone knows what it feels like to die
gradually Explain
as it does for
keep your face and smile like

if he dies?
as it does for
keep your face and smile like

Last night estubo aciendolo
I did not sleep last night
ancohe esutuvo aciendolo
now life who was
with her looks will be
cry, cry, lloraaaaa

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