Letra de Dejala ir (en ingles)

Artista: El Kila

Tell me why
Friends tell me why

There look at what they have fallen
Dog and cat seem no wife and husband
I'm the one in the middle enduring the punishment
You and her to come with me to vent
It was known

Is that you have been faithful witness know you deserve it
She led me through the same thing the first 7 months
This is my revenge today it was paying
That my friend not defend her and let her mourn.

Let her go if you do not want it and do not give affection only mistreat,
The offended and do suffer
You destroyed her youth, someday you'll regret

And who told you I do not love her if I owe
Life if she was the one who told you Ponmela Front
Pa to tell me.

Like threatening
That was playing
You tried to hit
You're exaggerating

And when her friends go to see you to show off
You yell you make it worth spending, you love to humiliate

She looks for
And do not let out
But that does not like it
Do not play the victim or make me go
By bobo I know everything

Your so accuse me because that way
And you act as if your girlfriend was
These will be in love with her
Confiezamelo friend even if it hurts me, that even if it hurts me,
Confiezamelo friend.

I like that's no lie
When you went was the company that made him
I was the one who wiped her tears calm your pain
I gave him joy.

I already knew when he left and returned
The next day he told me he was home of some pure fantasy friends

But the fault was mine

If I know you have that bad hobby
So the only defense and always apoyabas
Friend who would say

I cry and cry and cry
I will take the recording situation that was
I cry and cry and cry
It was a misunderstanding that had not have said anything
I cry and cry and cry
I told you not to tell me to apologize
I cry and cry and cry
Since that night he has not returned to face me

And this is, The Kila, The Kila for you, with over Flow, flow, flow

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